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Well, everyone has had a bit of a year, haven't they? We're trying to get back up and running, discussions for working on the album are back in place and we've had a few gigs booked. We're up for more, but in the current climate, we can't be sure of anything. We don't know how many venues/events are still going and when exactly we can start performing, we expect there to be less places to play and many bands keen to get back out there. We have been booked for a private event on the 27th of August and we have been booked at our old local, The Ship, in Crediton on the 11th of December, J Way is doing a solo gig there on the 7th of July as well. J has moved to Bristol, so we're interested in doing some gigs there and places in between Bristol and Crediton. Lets hope we can see you soon at a gig.


Life has got in the way and it's been about a year since we last updated! There were more gigs last year and we'll be looking for more for later on in the year. Currently we are working on writing our second album, now we have Leigh up to speed, and are in the process of looking for bookings. We have a our first wedding gig on the 27th of June! Back to the Ship in Crediton on the 9th of May, then two gigs booked at The Preston Gate Inn (Bude, Cornwall) on the 3rd of July and the 27th of November, after a rather successful gig there last year. We shall do a better job at keeping the website up to date. Check out some recordings with Leigh on ourYouTube channel and some interesting jams we do as a warm up on our Facebook page.


We have a second guitarist! Welcome Leigh Pooley. We should have some live recordings with Leigh on our YouTube channel, so check them out. We'll update the site more soon.


Happy New Year! We've already started the ball rolling with a gig at The Ship Hotel in Crediton on the 26th of January and we've been asked back to the Devon County Show for Friday the 17th of May. We're very much on the hunt for gigs at the moment, so watch this space. We will have some news in the near future concerning some major changes to the band, for the better, we'll let you know as soon as we can.


Don't forget to download our live ep for free, today! Click on the image to the right to go to the Dropbox and download for absolutely nothing! All we ask is that if you enjoy it to please consider buying our studio album 'Broken Blues' if you haven't already, as we're using the money to help pay for a new album. We have gigs, after a break, The Lamb Inn in Sandford are to host their 'Bands in the Square' again on Saturday the 1st of September, and we are pleased to announce that they've invited us back again. We are returning to The Ship Hotel in Crediton on the 27th of October for a Halloween party. First time booking at The Horse and Groom (formally The Olive Branch) in Barnstaple on the 30th of November. Last, but by no means least, they liked us so much that we've been asked back to The Bell Inn, Moretonhampstead, 15th of December.


We all like things for free, so we have now released our live ep today! Click on the image to the right to go to the Dropbox and download for absolutely nothing! All we ask is that if you enjoy it to please consider buying our studio album 'Broken Blues' if you haven't already, as we're using the money to help pay for a new album. We have gigs, acoustic on the 26th of June at the Beaford Bike Festival at the village hall. We are returning to The Ship Hotel in Crediton on the 14th of July. We've been invited to The Bell Inn, Moretonhampstead, 11th of August, our first time at this venue.


There are rumblings in the Far From the Delta camp, we have a couple of gigs lined up, 18th of May at The Devon County Show, and a return to Bluesburystock at Woodbury on the 9th of June for an afternoon acoustic show, more gigs to come. A live ep, 'Something old, something new, something borrowed, but it's all blues' is in the process of being made and this will be available as a free download, it will include some of the many covers we play, old songs and a preview of one or two songs which are likely to be added to our new album, which we are currently still writing. Many more plans are in the process, so watch this space for more news.


we have now been played on national radio! Pete Bailey, from Primordial Radio has played our song 'Old Nick's Gaze' several times on his show's slot 'Newbies at Noon'. We forgot to add that after seeing our performance at Westpoint Arena, we were then booked for a last minute gig on Halloween at The Ship in Crediton. We have decided after our New Year's Eve gig at The Kings Arms in Crediton, that we will be taking a break from gigging at the beginning of the year to concentrate on writing a new album which we hopefully plan to record at some point in 2018, where we plan to do a much larger promotional campaign than we did for Broken Blues. Watch this space for more news.


After we decided not to do too much more this year to give Phil's back a rest, we've been booked for two more gigs, we said 'yes' as we're excited to do both. After a successful time at the Kings Arms in Crediton, we've been asked to play there for New years Eve, it will be tickets from the bar which will include a midnight buffet, we think it will be £5 a ticket, but you'll have to check with the pub. The other we're waiting to be announced, so can't say too much, so check the gig list on your right, when it's announced, we'll add it there, all we'll say is that it's in Cirencester and it's on the 18th of November. We'll be hunting for 2018 gigs soon.


We have had to re-schedule our Kings Arms gig in Crediton, due to a family emergency. It's now on the 19th of August. On the 5th of August, J Way will be doing a solo slot ay 'Open Arms' festival at the Kings Arms in Okehampton. Sam and J will also be appearing at 'Parkfest' in Devonport on the 20th of August.


Just been booked for 'Wigfest' at Black Dog on the 27th of May, last minute. We are also at The Bike Festival at Okehampton train station on the 3rd of June, we'll be travelling there after Woodburystock. We have also been booked at the Kings Arms in Crediton on the 1st of July. In other news, we now have t-shirts, hats, mugs, etc available (see button on the left). They are print to order as we can't afford to hold stock and we are making no money from the designs to help keep the cost down. We have lots of designs, so please have a look and maybe order something!


Saturday sees us back at Buccaneers bar, Crediton, 'Mother Buccaneerful'(being broadcast live on Wolfman Radio again.) We have been booked for Ocean City Blues & Jazz festival in Plymouth on the 13th of August. Hatherleigh festival on the 21st of July. October sees us back in Okehampton at the Kings Arms on the 21st and on the 22nd, we'll be performing at a tattoo convention at Westpoint, Exeter. Looking for more gigs and working on new songs still.


Off to the Chill Bar on Friday and already been booked back there for the 14th of July. Been confirmed for Bluesbury festival, Woodburystock, again on the 3rd of June. Confirmed for the Americana night at Credfest on the 17th June, and another festival at good old Buccaneers Bar in Crediton on the 25th of March. We were offered a slot at Lapstock, but unfortunately we're unable to do it. Someone has asked us to apply for Hatherleigh festival, so we're hoping to return there this year(fingers crossed). Working on new songs and new gigs as you read this.


They liked us at The Kings Arms, Okehampton, that they're having us back on the 26th of November. We also have our first 2017 booking at The Chill Bar, Ilfracombe on Friday 10th of Febuary.


Now two gigs on the 29th October, 5pm Specialized charity event, Buccaneers Bar, Crediton(being broadcast live on Wolfman Radio ). And at 9pm, Kings Arms, Okehampton. Our song "Honey Pot" will be broadcast on Wolfman Radio on the 20th of October at 8pm on "the untapped project" show. Currently we are looking for someone to help us book some more gigs for next year, but we're still going to be looking for some new bookings for the new year. We are using the spare time to add new cover songs and to write new songs with the thought to eventually record a new album.


After a year's break, we've been invited back to Sandford's 'bands in the square' for the fourth time, and we think this is a first as they have a 'three year rule' so acts don't ever do it more than three times. So, currently we have coming up- 27th August, The Kings Arms, Mevagissey, St Austell, Cornwall. 28th August, Broadclyst Social Club, early start 6.30pm. 17th September, The Lamb Inn, Sandford 'Bands in the Square' 29th October, Specialized charity event, Buccaneers Bar, Crediton.


J Way has been booked to support our friends Downfall's album launch party on Saturday the 14th of May, then a week later, in the afternoon, on the 21st, he will be playing at Okehampton Bike show at Okehampton railway station, then on the 4th of June, he'll be performing again at Crediton Rugby Club's Beer and Cider Festival. The band have been booked for Buccaneers Bar, Crediton again, first a free gig with our friends Quorum and The Morales on the 16th of July, then again on the 29th of October doing another gig for teenage cancer trust. Broadclyst social club on Sunday 29th August, early evening, but full 2 hour gig. Things are going slow gig wise at the moment, due to various personal problems with some of the band, we're hoping to get on top of this soon and start to get some more bookings in the near future .


Last month we were played on BBC introducing! About time, we've been trying for over a year. 'A Breath of Fresh Air' was released today, click on the picture to purchase a copy. More news, we're back to Ilfracombe to entertain the good people at The Chill Bar on the 1st of April.


We have been booked to play at Sandford Orchard's Wassail at The Lamb Inn, Sandford for the 23rd of January. Adding to our bookings, we have been asked back to WoodburyStock at The Maltsers Arms, Woodbury on the 18th of June. The compilation Album 'A Breath of Fresh Air' is set to be released on the 12th of February. We are working on more bookings at the moment, watch this space!


We have one gig left this year, back at the Chill Bar in Ilfracombe on Saturday the 12th. We have already been booked for next year's Crediton folk and blues festival on 13th of May and a charity festival at Buccaneers Bar, also in Crediton on March the 19th. The big news is that we have been added to a compilation album called 'A Breath of Fresh air' which will be distributed in record shops nationally and over Europe and North America, by Negart Records, which should be released early next year. As we've got a bit of time, we'll be spending December adding new songs to our set, watch this space for next year's bookings.


We finally have some video footage from our album launch last year (see media). More bookings!20th June Maltsers Arms(Acoustic set) Wood(bury)stock blues roots and folk festival- Woodbury, 4th July The George- Braunton, 11th July Busk It! Crediton High street(lunch time), 7th August The Last Transmission Phonic FM, 14th-16th August Thurfest Thurleigh Bedford, 31st August(bank holiday Monday afternoon) The New Inn- Cowley Bridge- Exeter, 5th September TBC, 18th September The Chill Bar Ilfracombe, 7th November Ilfracombe Rocks.


Let's announce some gigs! 5th June, The New Inn, Cowley Bridge, Exeter. 12th June, The Chill Bar (with Woody on drums), Ilfracombe, 13th June (Afternoon) The Castle Hotel Bradninch Festival, 20th June Maltsers Arms(Acoustic set) Wood(bury)stock blues roots and folk festival- Woodbury, 11th July Busk It! Crediton High street(lunch time), 14th-16th August Thurfest Thurleigh Bedford, 7th November Ilfracombe Rocks.


Things seem a little quiet at the moment, but we are busy, this nice new website is one thing. We have some private functions, plus we are working on new material. We have been booked for things in the summer, including some festivals, but the information isn't out yet, so we're keeping quiet for now. We have started the long task of approaching pubs for bookings for the summer, so keep your eye out for news! Oh, and the email address is working again!


Happy new year! Please note the message above regarding contacting us, it's been brought to our attention that our email address is currently not working. We've already got a booking in the summer for a festival and are going back to both The Ship in Crediton and The George in Braunton, all dates TBC. 2014 was a good year for us and we're looking for an even busier year for 2015, watch this space.


Our album, Broken Blues is out now, you can get it at one of our shows or on Bandcamp. J Way was on Mark Montigues' The last Transmission on Phonic Fm and he'll be on Jackson Cooper's Rivierashowcase radio show on Saturday the 18th on Riviera FM from about 21:30. Fairly quiet due to other commitments, but current shows booked in December are: 12th December, The George, Braunton. 13th December The Chill Bar, Ilfracombe. 20th December, The Ship, Crediton. Looking for gigs in the new year now.


Recording for the album is going well with Skymind and we hope to have it finished soon with an special album launch party to follow with a visual projected show, light show by our friend Jon Randle and Sky Mind doing the sound. As always we are looking for gigs but here are our current bookings: 2nd August- Sandford Rocks! Sandford Millennium green. 9th August, Poltimore Arms, South Molton (supporting Kast off Kinks, original members of the Kinks). 23rd August- Wells Tavern Cider Festival, Exeter. 5th September, third year in a row, 'Bands in the Square', The Lamb Inn, Sandford. 12th September, Album Launch party, Buccaneers Bar, Crediton. 13 September, J Way solo performance, J Fest, Honey Church. 13th December, The Chill Bar, Ilfracombe.


We are pleased to say we have a string part endorsement with Dovetail strings(link at bottom of page). We are currently in discussion with Sky mind recording company to finally get some more professional recordings of the band's original material. After conversing with Mingle music we now have an electronic press kit EPK. We are currently working hard on confirming some more bookings, but here are our current dates as follows: 26th April- Crown & Sceptre, Newton St Cyres. 15th June- Big Sunday Lunch, Crediton. 28th June- 'Blues at the Globe', The Globe, Looe, Cornwall. 4th July- The Chill Bar, Ilfracombe. 5th July- 'Busk it!', Crediton High street(day), Potters, Crediton (Evening). 10th July- The Palladium, Bideford. 9th August- The Poltimore Arms, South Molton, Event supporting the Kast off Kinks (ex-Kinks members).


On the 9th of February J Way will be doing a charity solo slot at the new venue, The Tobacco House, in Exeter, on the Quay. We are booked to Play the Ship in Crediton on Friday the 28th of March, this will be with Woody on bass, always nice to have him back for a gig! We have signed up to a booking agent called Mingle Music, we're hoping they will help us have a busy summer!

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